A Voice for You, the People:

As your elected representative on the De Soto City Council, I will work hard to ensure your voices are heard, and you always know you can reach out to me for a conversation, input or insights into questions facing the council.


There is a welcoming, small-town feel to De Soto that I am reminded of every time I walk around downtown or smile and wave back at a stranger walking or biking a trail. As we grow, it is crucial that our community leaders are intentional about ways to maintain this community feel, from maintaining parks and green spaces to expanding community events, and supporting new local businesses.

Fiscal Responsibility:

With the onshoring of manufacturing and the new jobs created here, we have an opportunity to uplift the middle class and ensure families here are able to thrive. As your councilwoman, I would focus on ensuring that affordability is a priority and individual taxpayers are not overburdened by the growth.


As more jobs and families come to our area, it’s essential that our infrastructure grows to support it, including widening roads, expanding bike lanes and maintaining sidewalks to make getting around town smooth and safe. 

Interested in donating?

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Courtney for De Soto
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